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Moving Checklist

Move In and Move Out Checklists from Local Movers in Los Angeles, CA

4 Weeks Before Move

  • Tour your house and decide which items should be discarded or donated to charity. Visit our “Donate Unwanted Items” page to get more information.
  • Contact doctors and dentists. They may recommend a colleague near your new home. Get copies of renewable prescriptions.
  • Transfer children’s education records to new school.
  • Check homeowners insurance policy to see if moving is covered. Be sure your new home is covered by transferring fire, theft, and other insurance.
  • Transfer personal insurance records.
  • If you have any questions call Rainbow Movers.

3 Weeks Before Move

  • Plan to use up most food items before the move.
  • Check and clear tax assessments.
  • Confirm transfer of school records.
  • Arrange to have major appliances serviced before moving them.
  • Movers can’t move highly flammable items or ammunition. It’s best to use it up or give it away before you move.
  • If you have pets to move, Rainbow Movers can provide advice and recommend services available.
  • Notify Post Office and get change-of-address forms. Notify magazine subscriptions. NOTE: You must fill out a change of address for each person receiving mail

2 Weeks Before Moving

  • Decide which items you’ll pack and which items Rainbow Movers will pack. We provide the finest packing materials at reasonable prices.
  • Close or transfer all charge accounts. Return library books and other borrowed items. Collect loaned items and items in lay-away, storage, etc…
  • Arrange to discontinue utilities and delivery services, lawn care services, etc…
  • Arrange connection of utilities in your new home. Draw a floor plan of your new home and indicate placement of furnishings.

1 Week Before Moving

  • Transfer bank accounts and ask your local credit bureau to transfer your records to your new city. Confirm travel reservations.
  • Unless prepaid or billed, arrange to have cash, certified check or money order ready to pay your van operator before goods are unloaded.
  • Set aside maps, games, snacks, flashlight and other items you’ll take in your car.
  • Your local phone company can help you with phone service for your new home, as well as disconnecting service at your present home.
  • Drain water from all garden hoses. Start packing suitcases. Gather jewelry, cash, and other valuable items and documents to carry with you.
  • Confirm service dates of your move with Rainbow Movers Customer Service Center. Drain gas from mower.
  • Anything Rainbow Movers is packing can be left in place. It’s easier and safer to pack glassware right from the cabinet it’s kept in.

One Day Before Move

  • Put cleaning supplies, toiletries and coffee pot in separate box to be loaded last and unloaded first.
  • Finish packing all suitcases.
  • Defrost, clean and dry refrigerator.

Moving Day!

  • Be on hand all day to answer questions, accompany van operator during inventory, sign bill of lading and confirm your new address.
  • Make final check of every room and storage area. Lock all windows and doors, and make sure keys are transferred and lights are out.
  • Relax and enjoy your new home.

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